Funeral Choices

A tailored funeral plan arranged in advance

Traditional and modern funeral options

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of traditional and modern funeral options so that you can tailor the service to your exact requirements.
We know that arranging a funeral is a very personal time and we will guide you through this process to help you design a service that meets your requirements.

a fully bespoke funeral

Fully bespoke funeral

Whether you are looking for a fully bespoke funeral with a service, a direct cremation, or anything in between, our expert team will be able to help.

Whichever type of funeral you choose, we will always provide advice and guidance on all aspects of the funeral. This includes liaising with the necessary third parties on your behalf. We will provide support with the administration and arrangement of the funeral and will take care of the necessary paperwork for the funeral to legally proceed.

High quality of care

Rest assured that both you and your loved one will receive the same, high quality of care that we pride ourselves on, regardless of which option you choose.

As a successful independent Funeral Directors, we can facilitate and accommodate most people’s requirements to exceptionally high standards for all types of burials, cremations, religious and non-religious services.

Once you are ready to start making the funeral arrangements we are here to help. We would always recommend that this is done in person where possible, either at our offices or at your home; whatever is most convenient for you.

The Unattended Funeral

Direct Cremation

Our Unattended Funeral will best suit your needs if you want to arrange a simple and straightforward cremation without a service.

 When you choose our Unattended Funeral we will help arrange a dignified cremation without mourners present, allowing you and your loved one’s family and friends to commemorate them in your own way.

Sometimes referred to as a “Direct Cremation”, our Unattended Funeral will see us bring your loved one into our climate-controlled facilities and provide them with the highest levels of care until the day of the cremation. We will then take them directly to the crematorium in a specialised funeral vehicle. You can rest assured that we will be by your side, offering guidance and support every step of the way.

The Unattended Funeral is a lower cost option that allows family and friends to remember your loved one in their own way, without the need for a traditional service or ceremony.

Here, we have provided the estimated cost of our Unattended Funeral. This includes cremation fees. This cost also includes a Park Coffin.

While additional services are limited with our Unattended Funeral, you can choose from a wide range of alternative coffins and caskets, urns and memorials for an additional cost.

  • We will bring your loved one into our climate-controlled facilities using specialist vehicles during normal office hours
  • Our dedicated funeral arranger will provide guidance and support throughout the entire process
  • Our expert team will dress your loved one in a basic gown and follow your instructions regarding hair, makeup and other personal effects
  • Our Unattended Funeral includes a Park Coffin; you can choose from our wider range for an additional cost.
  • We will manage all necessary documentation and third-party payments required for the funeral to go ahead
  • We will transport your loved one to the crematorium where the cremation will be carried out without mourners present
  • You can rely on us to be available for ongoing support, aftercare, guidance and additional services you may require following the funeral

Some Important Things to Consider:

  • There will be no service or ceremony for mourners to attend
  • The Unattended Funeral doesn’t offer the option of a burial
  • You can not opt for embalming with this funeral service
  • You will not be able to visit your loved one in the chapel of rest
  • The cremation will take place at a selected crematorium and there will be no flexibility with time, date or location

The Attended Funeral

When you choose the Attended Funeral, we will help create the exact send off you have in mind for your loved one.

 If you would like to plan a fully personalised funeral, our Attended Funeral will be the best option for you. This option includes all the essentials you need for the funeral to go ahead, including necessary care for your loved one, a Park Coffin, the arrangement of a service and burial or cremation. We also offer a range of additional services that will help make the procession, ceremony and other elements of the day truly bespoke.

The Attended Funeral includes everything you need for your loved one’s funeral to take place. We also offer a variety of additional services to help create a funeral that reflects your loved one, their life and their character.

Here, we have shown the estimated cost of our Attended Funeral. This includes a Park Coffin.

We provide a variety of additional services, at an additional cost, to help personalise the day. If you have any specific requests in mind, please contact our team who will be able to help. Some common additional services we provide include an alternative coffin or casket, an alternative hearse, limousines, embalming, a personalised procession route, reception of your loved one into your home or a place of worship and visiting your loved one outside of office hours.

  • You will be introduced to your expert funeral arranger who will help arrange the funeral you have in mind for your loved one
  • Your funeral director will attend the service to conduct the funeral
  • We will provide a Park Coffin; you can choose from our wide range of alternative coffins and caskets for an additional cost
  • We can provide a basic gown, or dress your loved one in their own clothes, according to your wishes
  • We will also follow your instructions regarding hair, makeup and other personal effects
  • We will remain available after the day of the funeral for further aftercare, support and any additional services required

Some Important Things to Consider:

When and where you would like the service to take place whether you would like a personalised procession route, if you would like readings, songs or music, whether you would like funeral flowers or donations, if you would like printed service stationery

Woodland Burial

“green” or “eco” funeral

There is no standard industry definition of a “green” or “eco” funeral. All funerals will have an environmental impact to some extent, based on all the choices which have been made for the service.

Depending upon your particular preference or environmental concern, there may nevertheless be different choices you can make to personalise your funeral in order to take account of environmental factors.

Woodland Funerals may offer you a setting which meets your needs. We would encourage you to look at the individual woodland burial ground you may be interested in to find out more about the way each burial ground is managed and maintained from an environmental or “green” perspective.

As an alternative to a traditional burial or cremation, we can help you arrange for your loved one’s final resting place to be in a woodland burial ground. These are attractive and peaceful places for you to visit and reflect on your loved one’s life moving forward. Woodland funerals are becoming increasingly popular, as people begin to consider the potential environmental benefits of woodlands funerals over other alternatives.

Woodland burials can still be faith based and many sites have dedicated areas for people of different religions. A wide variety of coffins and ashes caskets are still usually available to select.

Woodland burial plots are set amongst trees and wildflowers, providing a pleasant setting for families to bury their loved ones. It is also possible to bury or scatter the cremated ashes of a loved one within woodland burial grounds, following a traditional cremation.

These burials are often not marked with a headstone, rather a tree or flowers that often become indistinguishable in the woodland. Some natural burial grounds offer the opportunity to add a memorial tree to mark your loved one’s resting place.

At the graveside there is usually a short committal ceremony, if desired, and flowers can still be placed as long as there is no cellophane or ribbon. Some venues have onsite dedicated service rooms and chapels that can be used before or after the funeral for a service that is created to reflect your wishes and those of the deceased.

If you would like to explore the possibility of arranging a woodland burial, we can help you find a natural burial ground near you.

The deceased can be buried in a biodegradable coffin made of natural material such as wool, reed, willow.

Prepaid Funeral Plans

Protect your loved ones from uncertainty about your final wishes, and the rising costs of these services.

Coffins & Caskets

Choosing the right coffin or casket is a personal choice, often based on funeral type, taste and budget.


We fully understand the importance of remembering a loved one with a headstone, tribute or keepsake.
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